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    Location: http://www.dugaohouse.com/storage-cabinets/
    Bio: A [url=http://www.dugaohouse.com/storage-cabinets/]storage cabinet[/url] is a small, usually narrow storage compartment. They are commonly found in dedicated cabinets, very often in large numbers, in various public places such as

    locker rooms, workplaces, middle and high schools, transport hubs and the like. They vary in size, purpose, construction, and security. Storage cabinets are normally quite narrow, of varying heights and tier arrangements. Width and depth

    usually conform to standard measurements, although non-standard sizes are occasionally found. Public places with lockers often contain large numbers of them, such as in a school. They are usually made of painted sheet metal. Lockers are

    usually physically joined side by side in banks, and are commonly made from steel, although wood, laminate, and plastic are other materials sometimes found. Steel lockers which are banked together share side walls, and are constructed by

    starting with a complete locker; further lockers may then be added by constructing the floor, roof, rear wall, door, and just one extra side wall, the existing side wall of the previous locker serving as the other side wall of the new

    one. The walls, floors, and roof of lockers may be either riveted together (the more traditional method) or, more recently, welded together. Locker doors usually have some kind of ventilation to provide for the flow of air to aid in

    cleanliness. These vents usually take the form of a series of horizontal angled slats at the top and bottom of the door, although sometimes parallel rows of small square or rectangular holes are found instead, running up and down the

    door. Less often, the side or rear walls may also have similar ventilation. Locker doors usually have door stiffeners fixed vertically to the inside of the door, in the form of a metal plate welded to the inner surface, and protruding

    outward a fraction of an inch, thus adding to the robustness of the door and making it harder to force open. Lockers are often manufactured by the same companies who produce filing cabinets, stationery cabinets (occasionally wrongly

    referred to as storage cabinets, steel shelving, and other products made from sheet steel.

    A [url=http://www.dugaohouse.com/floating-shelf/]floating shelf[/url] is a form of shelf with its wall fixings hidden within the shelf board, with no visible supporting brackets. It can be supported on hidden rods or bars that have

    been attached to studs. A thick floating shelf may be made of a hollow-core shelf glued to a cleat. A floating shelf may have two or more channels open from the back towards, but without reaching, the front, into which slide fasteners

    attached to the wall, typically held in place by screws inserted through the bottom of the shelf. For typical floating shelf supports, a supplier suggests that floating brackets with a diameter of 12mm can support a shelf at least 22mm

    thick loaded with 20kg, and 18mm brackets can support 30kg on a 28mm shelf. This description is in reference to one particular type of floating shelf support, others options are available. Also not to be confused with corner shelves,

    which would require entirely different supports to make them "float". Floating shelves are a good fit for a contemporary minimalist style interior. They can be used to expand storage space, atop a radiator to double as storage,

    or inside a hallway to double as a console table.

    A [url=http://www.dugaohouse.com/picture-frame/]picture frame[/url] is a protective and decorative edging for a picture, such as a painting or photograph. It makes displaying the work safer and easier and both sets the picture apart

    from its surroundings and aesthetically integrates it with them. A picture frame is a container that borders the perimeter of a picture, and is used for the protection, display, and visual appreciation of objects and imagery such as

    photographs, canvas paintings, drawings and prints, posters, mirrors, shadow box memorabilia, and textiles. Traditionally picture frames have been made of wood, and it remains very popular because wood frames can provide strength, be

    shaped in a broad range of profiles, and allow a variety of surface treatments. Other materials include metals, e.g. silver, bronze, aluminum, and stiff plastics such as polystyrene. A frame surface may be of any color or texture. Both

    genuine gilding and imitation gold remain popular, although many other surfaces are to be found in most framing establishments. Some picture frames have elaborate moldings, which may refer to the subject matter. Intricate decorations are

    often made of molded, then gilded plaster over a wood base. Picture frame mouldings come in a wide variety of profiles, generally in some sort of L shape with an upward "lip" and a horizontal rabbet. The rabbet functions as a

    shelf to hold the frame glazing (if any is to be used), some sort of spacer or mat/matte to keep the object safely behind the inner surface of the glazing, the object itself, and backing boards to protect the object from physical damage

    and environmental pollutants. The lip extends a proportionate distance up from the edge of the rabbet. It restrains materials in the frame and can be used to help set off or reveal the picture aesthetically.

    A [url=http://www.dugaohouse.com/table/]table[/url] is an item of furniture with a raised flat top and is supported most commonly by 1 or 4 legs (although some can have more), used as a surface for working at, eating from or on which

    to place things. Some common types of table are the dining room table, which is used for seated persons to eat meals; the coffee table, which is a low table used in living rooms to display items or serve refreshments; and the bedside

    table, which is commonly used to place an alarm clock and a lamp. There are also a range of specialized types of tables, such as drafting tables, used for doing architectural drawings, and sewing tables. Tables come in a wide variety of

    materials, shapes, and heights dependent upon their origin, style, intended use and cost. Many tables are made of wood or wood-based products; some are made of other materials including metal and glass. Most tables are composed of a flat

    surface and one or more supports (legs). A table with a single, central foot is a pedestal table. Long tables often have extra legs for support.

    A [url=http://www.dugaohouse.com/wooden-box/]wooden box[/url] is a container made of wood for storage or as a shipping container. Construction may include several types of wood; lumber (timber), plywood, engineered woods, etc. For

    some purposes, decorative woods are used. Boxes and crates are not the same. If the sheathing of the container (plywood, lumber, etc.) can be removed, and a framed structure will remain standing, the container would likely be termed a

    crate. If removal of the sheathing resulted in there being no way of fastening the lumber around the edges of the container, the container would likely be termed a wooden box. The strength of a wooden box is rated based on the weight it

    can carry before the cap (top, ends, and sides) is installed. "Skids" or thick bottom runners, are sometimes specified to allow forklift trucks access for lifting. Performance is strongly influenced by the specific design, type

    of wood, type of fasteners (nails, etc.), workmanship, etc. And some boxes have handles, hand holes, or hand holds.

    [url=http://www.dugaohouse.com/pets-love/]Pets love[/url] includes a lot, such as wall mounted cat climbing shelves, solid wood cat shelf large cat climbing frame, roller ball cat toy, etc. Cat climbing shelve is a shelf designed for

    cats, which is a fashionable pet product. A cat climbing frame is a stylish pet product that allows cats to have a space to play. The multi-layered three-dimensional shape is more suitable for the nature of cats to climb. The uprights of

    the hemp rope can make cats sharpen their claws. Since the advent of the cat climbing frame, it has been supported and loved by the majority of cat friends. The top of the pillar is a natural high-quality sisal white-brown rope. The

    color of this rope is natural white (many similar ropes on the market are dyed with chemicals), because it is processed by wild agave. Therefore, the shelf comes with a tequila-like smell similar to cat grass. After years of experiments,

    it has been shown that cats especially like to grind their cute claws on this hemp rope-wound post, which effectively solves the problem. The problem of furniture being easily damaged.
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