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Renault CAN CLiP v218 [2022] - Admin - 08-13-2022

Renault CAN CLiP v218 [2022]
Renault Diagnostic Tool.

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Region: All Region
Language: English (Multilangual)
Version: v218
Developer: SPX
Platform: Windows7, WIN8, WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD DL
Year: 2022

Renault CLIP - the latest diagnostic tool from Renault. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information base to address all issues.
Extras. Info: If the primary installation, follow the instructions, which is attached. If you already have an earlier version, it is recommended to uninstall and then follow the installation instructions.
It only works with original CLIP adapter or with a Chinese clone, no adapters and KL KKL is not supported.

Renault has developed a diagnosis system called Valise Clip. Hooked up to the car through OBD2 connector, it runs a complete test automatically, checking a series of parameters and identifying problems that can then be solved.
Program dealer car diagnostics Renault, Dacia, Samsung.

Starting with version CLIP 173, Windows XP is no longer compatible with CLIP.