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Thread: HYUNDAI GDS Mobile PC Manager [2015]
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HYUNDAI GDS Mobile PC Manager [2015]

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Region: All regions 
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, French, Japanese 
Version: M-E-H-01-00-0000
Quantity of CD: 3 DVDs DL
Year: 2015

Description: This software is installed on Win PC installation (casting) GDS Mobile software on the planet running Android.

Hyundai GDS repair manuals, service manuals, shop manuals, maintenance, electrical wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), service specifications, tightening torques, technical service bulletins, electrical troubleshooting manual, dtc guide.

Extras. Information: Quite specific softina. Usually used once to fill GDS Mobile on the tablet, then it is not needed, because tablet autonomous and independently updated. Tablets are not, because Certification takes place online by subscription.

How to install: 
First, put the ROM PC Manager, then three drives Contents Pack, then Language DVD (you can choose only Russian). English will in any case. When you run the installed software will require a login and password, enter those registering on the 

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Contact US for more details about how to buy this manual.
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