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Thread: KOMATSU CSS Parts Book Viewer v5.11 AMERICA [05.2018] FULL SET
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KOMATSU CSS Parts Book Viewer v5.11 AMERICA [05.2018] FULL SET
Parts catalog for all Komatsu machines, Engines and equipment

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[Image: v2s27d.jpg]

Region: All AMERICA
Languages: English
Type: Spare parts catalogue
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, WIN8 , WIN10
Size : 9.80 GB
Year: 2018

Electronic parts catalog Komatsu Complete Set 2018 covers all Komatsu machines, engines and equipment.

The electronic catalogue Komatsu Construction is supplied with the program of search of a detail under number and the name. A computer suffices for use of the electronic catalogue Komatsu Construction from Pentium-133.

Books list:
0000008C,PC220LC-8 S/N 70001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000014C,SAA6D107E-1C S/N 26500029-UP ( Export Standard ),Construction\Engines
0000106C,PC300LC-8 S/N 60022-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000115C,SAA4D95LE-5D S/N 501795-UP (For PC130-8),Construction\Engines
0000116C,D39EX-22 S/N 3001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000117C,SAA4D107E-1 S/N 26513014-UP (For D39EX-22/D39PX-22),Construction\Engines
0000118C,D39PX-22 S/N 3001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000131C,PC18MR-3 S/N 20001-UP,Utility\Crawler Excavators
0000132C,3D67E-2A S/N 8A0357-UP (For PC18MR-3),Construction\Engines
0000137C,D31EX-22 S/N 60001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000138C,D31PX-22 S/N 60001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000139C,D37EX-22 S/N 60001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000141C,D37PX-22 S/N 60001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000143C,SAA4D95LE-5 S/N 503227-UP (For D37EX-22/D37PX-22),Construction\Engines
0000144C,SAA4D95LE-5 S/N 503228-UP (For D31EX-22/D31PX-22),Construction\Engines
0000146C,SAA4D95LE-5 S/N 502711-UP (For PC88MR-8),Construction\Engines
0000162C,4D88E-6 S/N 14803-UP (For PC45MR-3/PC55MR-3),Construction\Engines
0000176C,PC450LC-8 S/N 70001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000193C,SAA4D95LE-5G S/N 504574-UP (For PC78US-8/PC78UU-8),Construction\Engines
0000194C,WA50-6 S/N 60001-UP,Utility\Wheel Loaders
0000195C,4D88-6 S/N 16615-UP (For WA50-6),Construction\Engines
0000200C,SAA4D107E-1B S/N 26508146-UP (For WA200-6/WA200PZ-6),Construction\Engines
0000205C,SAA4D107E-1D S/N 26527701-UP (For PC160LC-8),Construction\Engines
0000229U,SAA4D107E-1D S/N 21872538-UP (For PC160LC-8),Construction\Engines
0000234C,SAA4D95LE-5J S/N 506848-UP (For WA150-6/WA150PZ-6),Construction\Engines
0000238C,D65EX-16 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000239C,D65PX-16 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000245C,SAA4D95LE-5D S/N 502660-UP (For PC130-8),Construction\Engines
0000252B,SAA4D107E-1D S/N 26527701-UP (For PC160LC-8),Construction\Engines
0000260C,SAA6D107E-1J S/N 26534228-UP (For WA320-6/WA320PZ-6),Construction\Engines
0000264C,D375A-6 S/N 60001-UP,Mining\Bulldozers
0000277C,D275AX-5E0 S/N 30210-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000282C,SAA6D107E-1CC S/N 26540705-UP (For GD655-5/GD675-5),Construction\Engines
0000284C,SAA6D107E-1DD S/N 26540713-UP (For GD555-5),Construction\Engines
0000293C,D155AX-6 S/N 81028-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000295C,SAA6D107E-1D S/N 26537463-UP (For WA380-6),Construction\Engines
0000303C,D375A-6 S/N 60001-UP (Mining Spec.),Mining\Bulldozers
0000306C,"WA430-6 S/N 65501-UP (ecot3, For North America)",Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000307C,D155A-6R S/N 85077-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000320C,SAA12V140E-3C S/N 501918-UP (For PC2000-8),Construction\Engines
0000321C,SAA4D95LE-5A S/N 500001-UP (For PC138US-8/PC138USLC-8),Construction\Engines
0000357C,"WA500-6 S/N 55479-UP (ecot3, For North America)",Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000369C,SAA6D107E-1B S/N 26541137-UP (For PC200-8/PC200-JK-8N1/PC200F-8/PC200LC-8),Construction\Engines
0000377C,HM400-2 S/N 2633-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000383C,HM300-2 S/N 2785-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000390C,WA800-3E0 S/N 70030-UP,Mining\Wheel Loaders
0000395C,SAA6D107E-1H S/N 26506237-UP (For WA250-6/WA250PZ-6),Construction\Engines
0000400C,SAA12V140E-3E S/N 502033-UP (For WA800-3E0),Construction\Engines
0000412C,PC228USLC-8 S/N 50001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000413C,SAA6D107E-1K S/N 26547615-UP (For PC228US-8/PC228USLC-8),Construction\Engines
0000414C,PC650LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000415C,PC600LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000436C,D21A-8E0 S/N 90210-UP,Utility\Bulldozers
0000438C,D21P-8E0 S/N 90210-UP,Utility\Bulldozers
0000439C,D475A-5E0 S/N 30147-UP,Mining\Bulldozers
0000440C,D475A-5E0 S/N 30147-UP (Mining Spec.),Mining\Bulldozers
0000442C,SAA12V140E-3A S/N 502127-UP (For D475A-5E0/D475ASD-5E0),Construction\Engines
0000446C,4D94LE-2 S/N 1713-UP (For D21A-8E0/D21P-8E0),Construction\Engines
0000455C,WA600-6 S/N 60638-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000469C,3D88E-6 S/N 06564-UP (For PC30MR-3/PC35MR-3),Utility\Engines
0000470C,SAA4D107E-1E S/N 26554518-UP (For HB205-1/HB215LC-1),Construction\Engines
0000472C,3D82AE-6 S/N 04634-UP (For PC27MR-3),Utility\Engines
0000498C,HD785-7 S/N 8173-30000,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
0000499C,HD785-7 S/N 8393-30000 (-40 deg C Spec.),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
0000502C,SAA12V140E-3B S/N 502254-505076 (For HD785-7),Construction\Engines
0000512C,SAA6D107E-1A S/N 26546230-UP (For BR380JG-1E0),Construction\Engines
0000530C,WA470-6 S/N 90216-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000534C,WA480-6 S/N 90216-UP (For North America),Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000546C,PC800LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000557C,WA900-3E0 S/N 60078-UP,Mining\Wheel Loaders
0000564C,HM350-2 S/N 2219-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000573C,SAA12V140E-3D S/N 502369-UP (For WA900-3E0),Construction\Engines
0000592C,D65PX-17 S/N 1001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000593C,D65EX-17 S/N 1001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000597C,PC650LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000599C,PC490LC-10 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000600C,PC240LC-10 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000601C,PC290LC-10 S/N 15001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000602C,HM300-3 S/N 3001-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000603C,SAA6D107E-2B S/N 26600006-UP (For PC290LC-10),Construction\Engines
0000604C,SAA6D107E-2A S/N 26600001-UP (For PC240LC-10),Construction\Engines
0000607C,WA1200-6 S/N 60001-UP (Chassis only),Mining\Wheel Loaders
0000608C,PC360LC-10 S/N 70001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000619C,SAA6D107E-2C S/N 26600007-UP (For WA380-7),Construction\Engines
0000624C,PC308USLC-3E0 S/N 30242-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000625C,SAA6D107E-1F S/N 537218-UP (For PC308USLC-3E0),Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000628C,D155AX-7 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000636C,WA500-7 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000641C,HD785-7 S/N 30001-UP,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
0000644C,SAA12V140E-3B S/N 505077-UP (For HD785-7/HD785AT-7),Construction\Engines
0000648C,HD1500-7 S/N 80138-UP (Chassis only),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
0000651C,SAA6D107E-1N S/N 26594007-UP (For PC200-8M0/PC200LC-8M0),Construction\Engines
0000654C,D61EX-23 S/N 30001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000655C,D61PX-23 S/N 30001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000656C,SAA6D107E-2D S/N 26600207-UP (For D61EX-23/D61EXI-23/D61PX-23/D61PXI-23),Construction\Engines
0000681C,WA470-7 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000689C,SAA4D95LE-6A S/N 700006-UP (For PC138US-10/PC138USLC-10),Construction\Engines
0000690C,D37EX-23 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000691C,D37PX-23 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000692C,D39EX-23 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000693C,D39PX-23 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000694C,SAA4D95LE-6BB S/N 700004-UP (For D39EX-23/D39EXI-23/D39PX-23/D39PXI-23),Construction\Engines
0000695C,SAA4D95LE-6AA S/N 700001-UP (For D37EX-23/D37EXI-23/D37PX-23/D37PXI-23),Construction\Engines
0000707C,HD1500-7 S/N 80138-UP (-40 deg C) Chassis only,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
0000708C,SAA6D107E-2F S/N 26600890-UP (For WA320-7),Construction\Engines
0000712C,D61PXI-23 S/N 30001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000713C,SAA4D107E-1F S/N 26102262-UP (For HB205-1M0/HB215LC-1M0),Construction\Engines
0000730C,D61EXI-23 S/N 30001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000731C,SAA6D107E-2G S/N 26601326-UP (For WA270-7),Construction\Engines
0000745C,HD785-7 S/N 30430-UP (For New Caledonia),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
0000747C,HM400-3 S/N 3001-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000748C,HM400-3M0 S/N 5001-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000764C,D37PXI-23 S/N 80179-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000765C,D39PXI-23 S/N 90404-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000766C,SAA4D107E-2A S/N 26602582-UP (For PC170LC-10/PC170LC-RA-10),Construction\Engines
0000769C,D37EXI-23 S/N 80179-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000770C,D39EXI-23 S/N 90404-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000779C,PC228USLC-10 S/N 1001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000780C,SAA6D107E-2H S/N 26603998-UP (For PC228USLC-10),Construction\Engines
0000786C,SAA4D95LE-6D S/N 701226-UP (For PC88MR-10),Construction\Engines
0000812C,PC490LC-11 S/N 85001-UP (For North America),Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000817C,SAA4D107E-2C S/N 26606209-UP (For WA200-7),Construction\Engines
0000818C,D155AX-8 S/N 100001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000820C,PC240LC-11 S/N 95001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000821C,SAA6D107E-3A S/N 26606389-UP (For PC240LC-11/PC240LC-KU-11),Construction\Engines
0000824C,D65EX-18 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000825C,D65PX-18 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000832C,PC290LC-11 S/N 35001-UP (For North America),Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000833C,SAA6D107E-3B S/N 26606842-UP (For PC290LC-11/PC290LC-KU-11),Construction\Engines
0000842C,HM300-5 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000845C,PC360LC-11 S/N 90001-UP (For North America),Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000857C,"SAA6D107E-2E S/N 26600164-UP (For PC210-10/PC210-10, PC210LC-10/PC210I-10/PC210LC-10/PC210LCI-10)",Construction\Engines
0000858C,SAA4D107E-1D S/N 26527701-UP (For PC160LC-8),Construction\Engines
0000860C,WA470-8 S/N 100001-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000863C,HM400-5 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Articulated Dump Trucks
0000865C,SAA6D107E-3C S/N 26609188-UP (For PC210-11/PC210-KU-11/PC210I-KU-11/PC210LC-11/PC210LC-KU-11/PC210LCI-11),Construction\Engines
0000869C,SAA4D95LE-6E S/N 703764-UP (For PC78US-10),Construction\Engines
0000876C,D155AXI-8 S/N 100040-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000877C,D65PXI-18 S/N 90023-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000891C,SAA6D107E-3D S/N 26631040-UP (For GD655-6/GD675-6),Construction\Engines
0000898C,D65EXI-18 S/N 90023-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000899C,SAA6D107E-3E S/N 26634517-UP (For WA380-8),Construction\Engines
0000902C,D61PXI-24 S/N 40001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000903C,D61EX-24 S/N 40001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000904C,D61PX-24 S/N 40001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000905C,D61EXI-24 S/N 40001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000906C,SAA6D107E-3F S/N 26635492-UP (For D61EX-24/D61EXI-24/D61PX-24/D61PXI-24),Construction\Engines
0000916C,4D88E-7 S/N 4814-UP (For PC45MR-5/PC55MR-5),Construction\Engines
0000924C,WA500-8 S/N 90001-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000925C,WA600-8 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Wheel Loaders
0000952C,PC490LCI-11 S/N 85113-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0000954C,SAA4D95LE-7A S/N 800001-UP (For PC138US-11/PC138USLC-11),Construction\Engines
0000970C,D37PX-24 S/N 85001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000973C,D39EX-24 S/N 95001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000974C,D39PX-24 S/N 95001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000975C,D39PXI-24 S/N 95001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000976C,D39EXI-24 S/N 95001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000977C,D37EX-24 S/N 85001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0000978C,SAA4D95LE-7AA S/N 800001-UP (For D37EX-24/D37EXI-24/D37PX-24/D37PXI-24),Construction\Engines
0000979C,SAA4D95LE-7BB S/N 800001-UP (For D39EX-24/D39EXI-24/D39PX-24/D39PXI-24),Construction\Engines
0000986C,3D88E-7 S/N 101-UP (For PC30MR-5/PC35MR-5),Construction\Engines
0001021C,PC360LCI-11 S/N 90156-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0001076C,PC650LC-11 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
0001093C,SAA4D107E-3A S/N 26650313-UP (For PC170LC-11),Construction\Engines
0001119C,D51EX-24 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0001120C,D51PX-24 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0001121C,D51EXI-24 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0001122C,D51PXI-24 S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0001124C,SAA4D107E-3B S/N 26655036-UP (For D51EX-24/D51EXI-24/D51PX-24/D51PXI-24),Construction\Engines
0001162C,SAA4D107E-3C S/N 26659424-UP (For WA200-8),Construction\Engines
0001175C,D375A-8 S/N 80001-UP,Construction\Bulldozers
0001185C,PC238USLC-11 S/N 5001-UP,Construction\Crawler Excavators
1004-40U,1004-4TR S/N U541468T-UP,Construction\Engines
1004-4TU,1004-4TLR S/N U604351W-UP,Construction\Engines
1006-63U,1006-6TLR2-PW S/N U544620W-UP,Construction\Engines
1006-67U,1006-6T-D S/N U544809W-UP,Construction\Engines
100G,100G S/N U000501-UP & K005001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Crawler Loaders
125G,125G S/N U000501-UP & K005001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Crawler Loaders
150A,150A/FA S/N U009695-U010827,Dressta-Galion\Mobile Cranes
150AE,150A/FA S/N U010828-UP,Dressta-Galion\Mobile Cranes
175C,175C S/N P040740-UP,Dressta-Galion\Crawler Loaders
210MENG,210M QSK19 Engine,Construction\Engines
2D68E-0D,2D68E-N3CB-MX S/N N00101-UP,Construction\Engines
2D68E-3C,2D68E-3A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
2D68E-NC,2D68E-N3CB S/N N00101-UP,Construction\Engines
2D68E-NR,2D68E-N3A S/N N00101-UP,Construction\Engines
2D70E-5C,2D70E-5S-BA S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
330MENG,SA12V140Z-1 Engine for 330M,Construction\Engines
3D67E-1C,3D67E-1A-5A S/N 5A6263-UP,Construction\Engines
3D67E-1D,3D67E-1A-MX S/N 5A6263-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-0C,3D68E-3G S/N 03402-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-1C,3D68E-3H S/N 03402-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-2C,3D68E-3K S/N 03402-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-3C,3D68E-3B S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-3D,3D68E-3K-MX S/N 03402-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-3R,3D68E-3A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D68E-4R,3D68E-3E S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72-20C,3D72-2GA S/N 07992-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72-22R,3D72-2HA S/N 07992-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72-2BC,3D72-2B S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72-2CC,3D72-2C S/N 01210-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72-2FC,3D72-2F S/N 02519-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72-2GC,3D72-2G S/N 02519-UP,Construction\Engines
3D72N-2R,3D72N-2BB S/N 12864-UP,Construction\Engines
3D74E-0C,3D74E-3C S/N 01327-UP,Construction\Engines
3D74E-1C,3D74E-N3A S/N 00102-UP,Construction\Engines
3D74E-3C,3D74E-3A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D74E-NC,3D74E-N3AB S/N 00102-UP,Construction\Engines
3D75-2DC,3D75-2D S/N 03044-UP,Construction\Engines
3D76E-5C,3D76E-5N-BA S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D76E-5D,3D76E-5N-MX S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D78-1AC,3D78-1A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D78-1CR,3D78-1C S/N 00603-UP,Construction\Engines
3D78-1DR,3D78-1D S/N 01589-UP,Construction\Engines
3D78-1EC,3D78-1E S/N 02853-UP,Construction\Engines
3D78-1FR,3D78-1F S/N 01589-UP,Construction\Engines
3D78N-1C,3D78N-1B S/N 00188-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE-C,3D82AE-3E S/N 04840-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE-D,3D82AE-3HC-MX S/N 04840-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE0C,3D82AE-3F S/N 04840-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE0R,3D82AE-3C S/N 01208-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE1C,3D82AE-3D S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE1D,3D82AE-5M-MX S/N 00246-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE2C,3D82AE-3HC S/N 04840-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE4C,3D82AE-5M-BA S/N 00246-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE4R,3D82AE-3H S/N 04840-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82AE5C,3D82AE-6BM-DA S/N 04634-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82E-0C,3D82E-3B S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D82E-3C,3D82E-3A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-10C,3D84-1F S/N 13021-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-11C,3D84-1G S/N 13022-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-12C,3D84-1GA-U S/N 25919-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-1BC,3D84-1B S/N 01001-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-1CC,3D84-1C S/N 01001-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-1FC,3D84-1FA S/N 25916-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-1GC,3D84-1GA S/N 25919-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-1JC,3D84-1J S/N 18873-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-2AC,3D84-2A S/N 00103-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-2DC,3D84-2D S/N 00292-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-2EC,3D84-2E S/N 00292-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84-2GC,3D84-2GA S/N 00292-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-0C,3D84E-3B S/N 00292-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-1C,3D84E-3C S/N 00292-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-2C,3D84E-3F S/N 05993-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-3C,3D84E-3A S/N 00292-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-3D,3D84E-3LN-MX S/N 05993-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-4C,3D84E-3K S/N 05993-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-4R,3D84E-3K S/N 05993-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-7C,3D84E-3D S/N 3845-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-8C,3D84E-3LN S/N 05993-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-9C,3D84E-5N-BA S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-AC,3D84E-5X-AB S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84E-AR,3D84E-3Q S/N 05993-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84N-0C,3D84N-2H S/N 03157-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84N-1C,3D84N-2K S/N 03157-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84N-2C,3D84N-2FA S/N 17493-UP,Construction\Engines
3D84N-4C,3D84N-2C S/N 03250-UP,Construction\Engines
3D88E-0D,3D88E-5P-MX S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D88E-5C,3D88E-5P-BA S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
3D88E-6C,3D88E-6BP-DA S/N 06564-UP,Construction\Engines
3D94-2AC,3D94-2A S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
3D95S-0C,3D95S-W-1D S/N 12209-UP,Construction\Engines
3D95S-1C,3D95S-W-1E S/N 13618-UP,Construction\Engines
3D95S-WC,3D95S-W-1C S/N 10467-UP,Construction\Engines
430FX1,430FX-1 S/N A10001-UP,Forestry\Crawler Feller Bunchers / Harvesters
430FXL-1,430FXL-1 S/N A10001-UP,Forestry\Crawler Feller Bunchers / Harvesters
445FXL-1,445FXL-1 S/N A10001 and up,Forestry\Crawler Feller Bunchers / Harvesters
450FXL-1,450FXL-1 S/N A10001-UP,Forestry\Crawler Feller Bunchers / Harvesters
4d102e-c,4D102E-1B S/N 26200282-UP,Komatsu\Komatsu Japan\Engine
4D102E2C,4D102E-1B-1 S/N 26200163-UP,Construction\Engines
4D102E3C,4D102E-1C-1C S/N 26200163-UP,Construction\Engines
4D105-3C,4D105-3C S/N 40138-UP,Construction\Engines
4D105-5C,4D105-5H S/N 106581-UP,Construction\Engines
4D105-8C,4D105-5M S/N 102876-UP,Construction\Engines
4D105-JC,4D105-5T S/N 106581-UP,Construction\Engines
4D130-0C,4D130-1C-A S/N 10544-UP,Construction\Engines
4D130-2C,4D130-1E S/N 10544-UP,Construction\Engines
4D130-3C,4D130-1F S/N 10544-UP,Construction\Engines
4D130-4C,4D130-1H S/N 28323-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84-2AC,4D84-2A S/N 00000-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84-2BC,4D84-2B S/N 00000-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84-2GC,4D84-2GA S/N 04595-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84E-0C,4D84E-3C S/N 00000-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84E-1C,4D84E-3D S/N 03508-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84E-2C,4D84E-3E S/N 03508-UP,Construction\Engines
4D84E-3C,4D84E-3B S/N 00000-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-0C,4D88E-3C S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-3C,4D88E-3B S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-3D,4D88E-3H-MX S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-4C,4D88E-3H S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-5C,4D88E-5X-AC S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-7R,4D88E-3GB S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-8D,4D88E-5X-MX S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-9R,4D88E-5X-AB S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D88E-AR,4D88E-5X-BB S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D92-1AC,4D92-1A S/N 11008-UP,Construction\Engines
4D92-1BC,4D92-1B S/N 11008-UP,Construction\Engines
4D94-2NC,4D94-2N S/N 12336-UP,Construction\Engines
4D94-2PC,4D94-2P S/N 12336-UP,Construction\Engines
4D94E-1C,4D94E-1A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D94E-1R,4D94E-1A S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
4D94LE-C,4D94LE-2Z-AD S/N 00101-UP (WITH CANOPY),Construction\Engines
4D94LE0C,4D94LE-2Z-AE S/N 00101-UP (WITH CAB),Construction\Engines
4D95L-0C,4D95L-1GG-W S/N 131803-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-1C,4D95L-1GG-BW S/N 131803-UP,Construction\Engines
4d95l-1r,4D95L-1GG-B S/N 131803-UP,Komatsu\Komatsu Japan\ENGINES
4D95L-3C,4D95L-1C S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-4C,4D95L-1AA S/N 49965-UP,Construction\Engines
4d95l-4r,4D95L-1AA S/N 49965-UP,Komatsu\Komatsu Japan\ENGINES
4D95L-5C,4D95L-1BB S/N 49965-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-6C,4D95L-1CC S/N 49965-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-7C,4D95L-1FF S/N 131803-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-9C,4D95L-1K S/N 15548-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-AC,4D95L-1Z S/N 41633-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-AR,4D95L-1GG S/N 131803-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-GC,4D95L-W-1B S/N 11437-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-HC,4D95L-W-1E S/N 11437-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-KC,4D95L-1G S/N 16084-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-LC,4D95L-1L S/N 15941-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95L-MC,4D95L-W-1A S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95LE-C,4D95LE-2B S/N 100005-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95LE0C,4D95LE-2A S/N 100005-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95LE1C,4D95LE-2C S/N 100005-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95LE3R,4D95LE-2A S/N 100005-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-0C,4D95S-W-1F-AP S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-1C,4D95S-W-1F-P S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-1R,4D95S-1D S/N 40337-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-5C,4D95S-W-1F-T S/N 23318-UP (Trimming Dozer),Construction\Engines
4D95S-6C,4D95S-W-1G-A S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-7C,4D95S-W-1G-AP S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-9C,4D95S-W-1G-BP S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-AC,4D95S-W-1G-E S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-BC,4D95S-W-1G-P S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-CC,4D95S-W-1G-PL S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-DC,4D95S-W-1G-S S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-EC,4D95S-W-1G-T S/N 23318-UP (Trimming Dozer),Construction\Engines
4D95S-FR,4D95S-1H S/N 124813-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-GC,4D95S-1H S/N 124813-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-GR,4D95S-1J S/N 124813-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-HC,4D95S-1J S/N 124813-UP,Construction\Engines
4D95S-WC,4D95S-W-1F-A S/N 23318-UP,Construction\Engines
4D98E-1R,4D98E-1C S/N 00101-UP,Construction\Engines
510C,510C S/N P004501-UP & 515C/CH S/N P006501-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
512,512 S/N C003001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
518,518 S/N C005001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
520C,520C/CH S/N P010501-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
525,525 S/N C007001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
532,532 S/N U002001-UP & C002037-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
538,538 S/N U003001-U003100 & C003101-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
542,542 S/N U004001-U004100 & C004101-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
545,545 S/N U005001-U005100 & C005101-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
558,558 S/N U006001-U006026,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
558UP,558 S/N U006027-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
560B,560B S/N P014511-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
560C,560C S/N P015001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
568,568 S/N U007001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
570C,570C S/N U005001-UP,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Loaders
66A,"VOS66A, A66A, D66A, PD66A S/N U490404 & U490500-UP",Dressta-Galion\Rollers
6D102-1C,6D102-1-Z S/N 30707205-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-0C,6D105-1U S/N 52271-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-1C,6D105-1F S/N 12218-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-4C,6D105-1M-P S/N 15149-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-6C,6D105-1L S/N 15149-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-8C,6D105-1N S/N 15149-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-AC,6D105-1BB S/N 62390-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-BC,6D105-1Z S/N 62390-UP,Construction\Engines
6D105-CR,6D105-1DD-P S/N 92268-UP,Construction\Engines
6D107E2,SAA6D107E-2 S/N 26600164-UP (For PC210LC-10),Construction\Engines
6D125-BC,6D125-1F S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-GC,6D125-1M S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-JC,6D125-1Z S/N 19761-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-LC,6D125-1Y S/N 10276-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-MC,6D125-1AB-N S/N 47990-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-NC,6D125-1Q S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-OC,6D125-1N S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-SC,6D125-1C-EA S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-TC,6D125-1D-EA S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-UC,6D125-1DD-EW S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-VC,6D125-1EE-EW S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-YC,6D125-1L-EW S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125-ZC,6D125-1J-EA S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D12500C,6D125-1K-EA S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D12503C,6D125-1AB-EW S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125E4C,6D125E-2D-5 S/N 60721-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125E5C,6D125E-2G-5 S/N 60721-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125E6C,6D125E-2H-5 S/N 60721-UP,Construction\Engines
6D125E8C,6D125E-2A-5 S/N 60721-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-0C,6D95L-1C S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-1C,6D95L-1B S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-1R,6D95L-1A S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-2C,6D95L-1AC-E S/N 96999-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-3C,6D95L-1AC-P S/N 96999-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-4R,6D95L-1AF S/N 96999-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-8C,6D95L-1AD S/N 96999-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-9C,6D95L-1AA S/N 29222-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-AC,6D95L-1AA-S S/N 29222-UP (Tropical and Sandy Spec.),Construction\Engines
6D95L-BC,6D95L-1AA-T S/N 29222-UP (Trimming Dozer),Construction\Engines
6D95L-EC,6D95L-1L S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-FC,6D95L-1Z S/N 26324-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L-IC,6D95L-1A S/N 10001-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L_05,6D95L_1AD ENGINE,Construction\Engines
6D95L_11,6D95L-1AC-E S/N 96999-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L_17,6D95L-1AD S/N 96999-UP,Construction\Engines
6D95L_1A,6D95L_1AC_E ENGINE,Construction\Engines
708710,708 & 710 S/N 61880-UP,Dressta-Galion\Rollers
712714,712 & 714 S/N 61880-UP,Dressta-Galion\Rollers
784,"784, D784, PD784 S/N 452000-Up",Dressta-Galion\Rollers
830A1,830 S/N U200000-U200416,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
830A2,830 S/N U200417-U201999,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
830B,"830, 830B & 830C w/S6D102 S/N U202002-UP",Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
830C,830B & 830C w/S6D102E S/N U203163-UP,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
850870DN,"850, 850B, 850C, 870, 870B & 870C w/614T/S6D114 S/N U202002-UP",Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
850A1,850 S/N U200000-U200416,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
850A2,850 S/N U200417-U201999,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
850BC,850B S/N U202575-UP & 850C S/N U202727-UP,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
870A1,870 S/N U200000-U200416,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
870A2,870 S/N U200417-U201999,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
870BC,870B S/N U202599-UP & 870C S/N U202775-UP,Dressta-Galion\Motor Graders
970C,970C S/N 7001-Up,Dressta-Galion\Wheel Dozers
AFE48-AN,AFE48-AN 930E S/N A30114 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AP,AFE48-AP 930E S/N A30116 FREEPORT,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AQ,AFE48-AQ 930E S/N A30120 MORENCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AR,AFE48-AR 930E S/N A30115 SUNCOR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AS,AFE48-AS 930E S/N A30119 ASARCO MISSION,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AT,AFE48-AT 930E-2 S/N A30122-A30127 & A30130 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AU,AFE48-AU 930E-2 S/N A30098 & A30100 BARRICK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AV,AFE48-AV 930E-2 S/N A30128 BINGHAM CANYON,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AW,AFE48-AW 930E-2 S/N A30129 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AX,AFE48-AX 930E S/N A30101-A30102 & A30104-A30106 TRITON COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AY,AFE48-AY 930E-2 S/N A30131 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-AZ,AFE48-AZ 930E-2 S/N A30132-A30136 BARRICK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BA,AFE48-BA 930E S/N A30107 & A30113 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BB,AFE48-BB 930E-2 S/N A30137-A30141 SUNCOR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BC,AFE48-BC 930E S/N A30117-A30118 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BD,"AFE48-BD 930E-2 S/N A30142-A30147, A30149 & A30151-A30153 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BE,"AFE48-BE 930E S/N A30148 & A30154 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BF,AFE48-BF 930E-2 S/N A30012 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BG,"AFE48-BG 930E-2 S/N A30121 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BH,AFE48-BH 930E-2 S/N A30155 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BJ,AFE48-BJ 930E-2 S/N A30156 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BK,"AFE48-BK 930E-2 S/N A30157 THRU A30158 SUNCOR ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BL,AFE48-BL 930E-2 S/N A30159 & A30160 CORTEZ GOLD,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BM,AFE48-BM 930E-2 S/N A30161 THRU A30163 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BN,"AFE48-BN 930E-2 S/N A30164 A.T.MASSEY ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BP,AFE48-BP 930E-2 S/N A30165 AND A30168 SUNCOR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BQ,"AFE48-BQ 930E-2 S/N A30167 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BR,"AFE48-BR 930E-2 S/N A30169 THRU A30170 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BS,AFE48-BS 930E-2 S/N A30176 TRITON COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BT,"AFE48-BT 930E-2 S/N A30175 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BU,"AFE48-BU 930E-2 S/N A30173 & A30174 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BV,"AFE48-BV 930E-2 S/N A30177, A30178, A30179 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BW,AFE48-BW 930E-2 S/N A30180 SUNCOR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BX,AFE48-BX 930E-2 S/N A30166 & A30172 FREEPORT,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BY,"AFE48-BY 930E-2 SUNCOR (A30181, 182, 184, & 185)",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-BZ,AFE48-BZ 930E-2 S/N A30186-A30188 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-C,AFE48-B/C 930E S/N 32605 & 32616 MINE EXPO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CA,AFE48-CA 930E-2se S/N A30183 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CC,"AFE48-CC 930E-2 S/N A30202-A30203,A30206,A30209-A30215 & A30219 BARRICK",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CD,"AFE48-CD 930E-2 S/N A30204 & A30205 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CE,AFE48-CE 930E-2 S/N A30207-A30208 SUNCOR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CF,"AFE48-CF 930E-2 S/N A30220 - A30224 SUNCOR ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CG,"AFE48-CG 930E-2 S/N A30216 - A30218 CODELCO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CH,"AFE48-CH 930E-2 S/N A30226 TRITON COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CJ,"AFE48-CJ/CR 930E-2 S/N A30230 - A30232 FREEPORT ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CK,AFE48-CK 930E-2 S/N A30225 JACOB'S RANCH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CL,AFE48-CL 930E-2 S/N A30234 JACOBS RANCH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CM,AFE48-CM 930E-2 S/N A30235-A30237 & A30240-A30242 FREEPORT,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CN,"AFE48-CN/CP 930E-2 S/N A30233, A30238-239, A30243-245 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CQ,AFE48-CQ 930E-2 S/N A30246-A30249 & A30253-A30254 BHP BLACKWATER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CS,AFE48-CS 930E-2 S/N A30250 & A30251 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CT,AFE48-CT 930E-2 S/N A30252 FORDING RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CU,AFE48-CU 930E-2 S/N A30255 & A30256 BHP BLACKWATER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CV,AFE48-CV 930E-2 S/N A30257-A30260 & A30262-A30264 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CW,AFE48-CW 930E-2 S/N A30261 FORDING RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CX,AFE48-CX 930E-2 S/N A30265 BHP BLACKWATER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CY,AFE48-CY 930E-2 S/N A30266 & A30267 ARCH COAL BLACKTHUNDER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-CZ,AFE48-CZ 930E-2 S/N A30268 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-D,AFE48-D 930E S/N 32658 & 32672 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DA,AFE48-DA 930E-2 S/N A30269 TRANSWEST,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DB,AFE48-DB/DC 930E-2 S/N A30270-A30273 & A30276-A30279 BHP GOONYELLA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DD,AFE48-DD 930E-2 S/N A30274-A30275 & A30282 FORDING RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DE,AFE48-DE 930E-2 S/N A30281 BULGA COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DF,AFE48-DF 930E-2 S/N A30284 BHP GOONYELLA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DG,AFE48-DG 930E-2 S/N A30285 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DH,AFE48-DH 930E-2 S/N A30280 and A30283 SUNCOR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DJ,AFE48-DJ 930E S/N A30286-A30287 ARCH BLACKTHUNDER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DL,AFE48-DL 930E-2 S/N A30288-A30290 LOS PELAMBRES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DM,AFE48-DM 930E-2 S/N A30291 SUNCOR ENERGY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DN,AFE48-DN 930E-2 S/N A30293 & A30295 SUNCOR ENERGY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DP,"AFE48-DP 930E-2 S/N A30298 & A30299 TRANSALTA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DQ,AFE48-DQ 930E-2 S/N A30292 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DR,"AFE48-DR 930E-2 S/N A30296 & A30297 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DS,AFE48-DS 930E-2 S/N A30300 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-DT,"AFE48-DT 930E-2 S/N A30301-A30303 CODELCO CHUQUICAMATA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-E,AFE48-E 930E S/N 32673 PEABODY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-F,AFE48-F 930E S/N 32674 PIPELINE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-GA,"AFE48-GA 930E S/N GAE2229, GAE2231, GAE2233-GAE2234 & GAE2236-GAE2241 A.T. MASSEY",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-H,AFE48-H/J 930E S/N 32685 & 32704 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-K,AFE48-K 930E S/N 32788-32789 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-L,AFE48-L 930E S/N A30019 & A30026 SYNCRUDE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-M,"AFE48-M 930E S/N 32803, 32811 & 32812 MORENCI",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-N,AFE48-N 930E S/N 32814 & 32815 MORENCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-P,AFE48-P/R 930E S/N A30027-A30030 CHINO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-S,AFE48-S/T 930E S/N A30031-30033 & A30038-A30039 CHINO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-U,"AFE48-U 930E S/N A30034-A30037, A30040-A30048 & A30060 MORENCI",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-V,AFE48-V 930E S/N 32816 & 32837 PHELPS-DODGE MORENCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-W,AFE48-W 930E S/N A30049 ARCO COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-X,AFE48-X 930E S/N A30052-A30058 & A30065-A30066 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE48-Y,"AFE48-Y/Z 930E S/N A30059, A30061-A30064, & A30067 FREEPORT",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-2,AFE50-2 D/C DRIVE BOOK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-A,AFE50-A 830E S/N A30544-A30549 ST. BARBARA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AA,AFE50-AA 830E S/N A30624 COTEAU,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AB,AFE50-AB 830E S/N A30625-A30627 IOCC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AC,"AFE50-AC 830E S/N A30628 & A30629 IOCC ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AD,"AFE50-AD 830E S/N A30574 IOCC ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AE,"AFE50-AE 830E S/N A30630-A30634 & A30637-A30640 IOCC ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AF,AFE50-AF 830E S/N A30635 & A30636 ANTELOPE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AG,AFE50-AG 830E S/N A30641 ANTELOPE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AH,AFE50-AH 830E S/N A30642-A30643 TRITON COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AJ,AFE50-AJ 830E S/N A30644-A30645 ANTELOPE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AK,AFE50-AK 830E S/N A30646 & A30647 CORDERO ROJO MINE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AL,AFE50-AL 830E S/N A30648-A30649 TRITON COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AM,AFE50-AM 830E S/N A30650-A30651 JACOB'S RANCH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AN,AFE50-AN 830E S/N A30652-A30658 DIAVIK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AP,AFE50-AP 830E S/N A30659-A30660 CORDERO ROJO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AQ,AFE50-AQ 830E S/N A30661 & A30663-A30665 ANTELOPE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AR,AFE50-AR 830E S/N A30666-A30673 WAMBO COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AS,AFE50-AS 830E S/N A30674-A30676 COAL & ALLIED,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AT,AFE50-AT 830E S/N A30662 COAL & ALLIED (RT/HVO),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AU,"AFE50-AU 830E S/N A30677-A30681 & A30683 ANTELOPE COAL/JACOB'S RANCH ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AV,AFE50-AV 830E S/N A30682 DIAVIK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AW,AFE50-AW 830E S/N A30684-A30685 CORDERO ROJO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AX,"AFE50-AX 830E S/N A30686-A30688 JACOB'S RANCH ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AY,"AFE50-AY 830E S/N A30689-A30692 & A30695-A30696 JACOB'S RANCH ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-AZ,AFE50-AZ 830E S/N A30693-A30694 COLOWYO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BA,AFE50-BA 830E S/N A30697 COAL & ALLIED,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BB,AFE50-BB 830E S/N A30698-A30699 ARCH BLACK THUNDER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BC,AFE50-BC 830E S/N A30700-A30701 HAMMERSLEY IRON,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BD,"AFE50-BD 830E S/N A30702 - A30705 JACOBS RANCH ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BE,AFE50-BE 830E S/N A30706-A30708 DIAVIK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BF,AFE50-BF/BH 830E S/N A30709 & A30717-A30718 WEST ANGELAS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BG,"AFE50-BG 830E S/N A30710-A30716 & A30719-A30721 & A30727 C.V.R.D. ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BJ,"AFE50-BJ 830E S/N A30722 - A30726 PASMINCO CENTURY ZINC ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BK,AFE50-BK 830E S/N A30728 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BL,AFE50-BL 830E S/N A30729-A30732 HAMMERSLEY IRON,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BM,"AFE50-BM 830E S/N A30733-A30736 ARCH COAL MAC ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BN,AFE50-BN 830E S/N A30737-A30740 WEST ANGELAS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BP,"AFE50-BP 830E S/N A30741-A30745 HAMERSLEY IRON - TOM PRICE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BQ,AFE50-BQ 830E S/N A30746 & A30747 ROBE RIVER - WEST ANGELAS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BR,"AFE50-BR 830E S/N A30748-A30752 A.T. MASSEY ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BS,"AFE50-BS 830E S/N A30753-A30756 & A30758 & A30761-A30764 CVRD ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BT,"AFE50-BT 830E S/N A30757 & A30759-A30760 ANTELOPE COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BU,"AFE50-BU 830E S/N A30765-A30766 & A30770 CORDERO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BV,"AFE50-BV 830E S/N A30767-A30769 & A30772-A30776 CODELCO MINA SUR ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BW,"AFE50-BW 830E S/N A30771 & A30778 I.O.C.C. ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BX,AFE50-BX 830E S/N A30779 & A30785-A30788 & A30791-A30795 CODELCO MINA SUR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BY,AFE50-BY 830E S/N A30777 & A30780 & A30782 & A30784 & A30790 & A30799 YAKUTUGOL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-BZ,"AFE50-BZ 830E S/N A30781 & A30783 & A30789 CORDERO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-C,AFE50-C 830E A30550-A30554 ASARCO RAY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CA,AFE50-CA 830E S/N A30796 I.O.C.C.,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CB,"AFE50-CB 830E S/N A30797-A30798 & A30801 APPALACHIAN FUELS ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CC,"AFE50-CC 830E S/N A30800 & A30803 & A30805-A30810 E.V.C.C. - ELKVIEW COAL/GREENHILLS ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CD,"AFE50-CD 830E S/N A30804 ANTELOPE COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CE,"AFE50-CE 830E S/N A30811-A30814 EPSA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CF,"AFE50-CF 830E S/N A30815 GROUPO MEXICO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CG,"AFE50-CG 830E S/N A30816-A30817 & A30822-A30823 EPSA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CH,"AFE50-CH 830E S/N A30818-A30819 & A30821 & A30826-A30830 ANTELOPE COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CJ,"AFE50-CJ 830E S/N A30820 & A30824 & A30831 GROUPO MEXICO - CANANEA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CK,AFE50-CK 830E S/N A30825 APPALACHIAN FUEL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CL,"AFE50-CL 830E S/N A30832-A30835 ARCH COAL MAC ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CM,"AFE50-CM 830E S/N A30836-A30840 COAL & ALLIED ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CN,AFE50-CN 830E S/N A30841 WEST ANGELAS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CP,"AFE50-CP 830E S/N A30842-A30844 ANTELOPE COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CQ,"AFE50-CQ 830E S/N A30845 COLOWYO ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CR,AFE50-CR 830E S/N A30846 - A30847 & A30864 I.O.C.C.,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CS,"AFE50-CS 830E S/N A30848, 851, 856, 866-870 & 872-875 ZINIFEX",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CT,"AFE50-CT 830E S/N A30849-A30850 & A30854 COAL & ALLIED ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CU,"AFE50-CU 830E S/N A30852 - A30853, A30855, A30857 - A30858 HAIL CREEK",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CV,AFE50-CV 830E S/N A30859 - A30863 DE COBRE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CW,AFE50-CW 830E S/N A30865 ANTELOPE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CX,AFE50-CX 830E S/N A30871 I.O.C.C.,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CY,AFE50-CY 830E S/N A30876 - A30879 KOMATSU AUSTRALIA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-CZ,AFE50-CZ 830E S/N A30886 I.O.C.C.,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-D,AFE50-D 830E S/N A30555 KERR MCGEE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-DA,"AFE50-DA 830E S/N A30880 - A30885, A30887 ELK VALLEY COAL",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-DB,AFE50-DB 830E S/N A30888 - A30890 YAKUTUGOL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-DC,AFE50-DC 830E S/N A30802 MISSION,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-E,AFE50-E 830E S/N A30556-A30561 & A30564 ROCHE BROS.,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-F,AFE50-F 830E S/N A30565-A30569 KENNECOTT,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-G,"AFE50-G/H 830E S/N A30570-A30573, A30575-A30583 & A30586-A30588 LOS PELAMBRES",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-GB,AFE50-GB 830E S/N GAE2145-GAE2154 & GAE2156-GAE2165 ARCH MINERAL GLIDER KIT AK4979,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-GC,"AFE50-GC 830E S/N GAE2170 & GAE2173 & GAE2175 & GAE2177 GLIDER KIT ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-J,AFE50-J 830E S/N 32710 & 32738 & 32740 CENTURY ZINC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-K,AFE50-K 830E S/N A30600-A30606 YAKUTUGOL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-L,AFE50-L/M 830E S/N A30584-A30585 & A30589-A30592 BINGHAM CANYON,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-N,AFE50-N 830E S/N A30593-A30595 BINGHAM CANYON,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-P,AFE50-P 830E S/N A30596-A30598 CENTURY ZINC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-Q,AFE50-Q 830E S/N A30599 BINGHAM CANYON,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-R,AFE50-R 830E S/N A30609-A30610 ANTELOPE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-S,AFE50-S 830E S/N A30607-A30608 CORDERO ROJO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-T,AFE50-T 830E S/N A30611 CENTURY ZINC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-U,AFE50-U 830E S/N A30617-A30618 COLLAHUASI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-V,AFE50-V 830E S/N A30612-A30614 ERNEST HENRY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-W,"AFE50-W 830E S/N A30615 - A30616 COPPABELLA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-X,AFE50-X 830E S/N A30619 COPPABELLA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-Y,AFE50-Y 830E S/N A30622-A30623 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE50-Z,"AFE50-Z 830E S/N A30620 & A30621 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE51-B,AFE51-B 960E-1 S/N A30003 - A30024 KOMATSU 960E-1,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE51-C,AFE51-C 960E-1 S/N A30025 - A30026 HAIL CREEK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-A,AFE52-A 930E-3 S/N A30304 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AB,"AFE52-AB 930E-3 S/N A30387-A30388 & A30391 & A30393 & A30397-A30398 & A30401 CHUQUICAMATA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AC,AFE52-AC 930E-3 S/N A30400 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AD,AFE52-AD 930E-3 S/N A30402 ARCH BLACK THUNDER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AE,AFE52-AE 930E-3 S/N A30404 & A30409 FORDING RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AF,AFE52-AF 930E-3 S/N A30403 & A30405 & A30408 GROUPO MEXICO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AG,"AFE52-AG 930E-3 S/N A30410 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AH,AFE52-AH 930E-3 S/N A30411-A30412 TRANSWEST,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AJ,AFE52-AJ 930E-3 S/N A30413-A30415 & A30424-A30425 LOS BRONCES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AK,AFE52-AK 930E-3 S/N A30416-A30417 BARRICK GOLDSTRIKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AL,AFE52-AL 930E-3 WAMBO COAL (A30418 - A30422),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AM,"AFE52-AM 930E-3 S/N A30423 & A30426-A30427 CANANEA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AN,"AFE52-AN 930E-3 S/N A30406-A30407 TRANSALTA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AP,AFE52-AP 930E-3 S/N A30428-A30430 & A30437 SOUTHERN PERU COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AQ,AFE52-AQ 930E-3 S/N A30431-A30433 & A30435 & A30452-A30453 & A30458 LOS PELAMBRES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AR,"AFE52-AR 930E-3 S/N A30434 & A30441 CANANEA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AS,"AFE52-AS 930E-3 S/N A30436 & A30438-A30440 LOS BRONCES ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AT,"AFE52-AT 930E-3 S/N A30442-A30444 BARRICK ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AU,"AFE52-AU 930E-3 S/N A30445 - A30449, A30451, A30459 - A30461 CODELCO GABY",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-AV,"AFE52-AV 930E-3 S/N A30450, A30454 - A30457 LOS BRONCES MINERA ANDES SUR",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-B,AFE52-B 930E-3 S/N A30305 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-C,"AFE52-C 930E-3 S/N A30306-A30311 A.T. MASSEY ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-D,AFE52-D 930E-3 S/N A30312 - A30315 LOS BRONCES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-E,AFE52-E 930E-3 S/N A30316-A30317 & A30320-A30321 & A30323-A30328 GROUPO MEXICO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-F,AFE52-F 930E-3 S/N A30329 A.T. MASSEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-G,"AFE52-G 930E-3 S/N A30330-A30332 & A30335 CHUQUICAMATA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-H,"AFE52-H 930E-3 S/N A30333-A30334 LOS BRONCES ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-J,"AFE52-J 930E-3 S/N A30336-A30340 KLEMKE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-K,"AFE52-K 930E-3 S/N A30341-A30345 CHUQUICAMATA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-L,"AFE52-L 930E-3 S/N A30347-A30350 FORDING ELK VALLEY COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-M,AFE52-M 930E-3 S/N A30353 MINERA SUR ANDES - LOS BRONCES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-N,"AFE52-N 930E-3 S/N A30354-A30357 SUNCOR ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-P,AFE52-P 930E-3 S/N A30358 KLEMKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-R,"AFE52-R 930E-3 S/N A30359-A30363 FORDING ELK VALLEY COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-S,AFE52-S 930E-3 S/N A30364 CHUQUICAMATA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-T,"AFE52-T 930E-3 S/N A30365 & A30368 LOS BRONCES ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-U,AFE52-U 930E-3 S/N A30369 & A30372 & A30374-A30376 & A30392 A.T. MASSEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-V,"AFE52-V 930E-3 S/N A30379-A30381 & A30383 & A30385-A30386 WAMBO COAL ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-W,"AFE52-W 930E S/N A30377 & A30384 & A30394-A30396 & A30399 Groupo Mexico-SPCC & CANANEA ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE52-X,"AFE52-X 930E-3 S/N A30378 FORDING ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE53-A,"AFE53-A 930E-3SE S/N A30171, A30318 - A30319 & A30322 BINGHAM CANYON",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE53-B,"AFE53-B 930E-3SE S/N A30366-A30367 & A30370-A30371 & A30373 BINGHAM CANYON ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE53-C,"AFE53-C 930E-3SE S/N A30382 & A30389 COLLAHUASI ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-A,AFE57-A 830E-AC S/N A30002 & A30011    FOLA COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AA,AFE57-AA 830E-AC S/N A30106 - A30108 ELK VALLEY COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AB,"AFE57-AB 830E-1AC S/N A30109-A30112, A30114-A30115, A30120, A30123, A30127 & A30139 PILBARA",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AC,"AFE57-AC 830E-1AC S/N A30113, A30125, A30126, A30129, A30131 & A30134 - A30136 SPRING CREEK",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AD,"AFE57-AD 830E-1AC S/N A30116 - A30119, A30124, A30128, A30130, A30133, A30140 - A30141 CERRO NEGRO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AE,"AFE57-AE 830E-1AC S/N A30121, A30122, A30132, A30137 & A30142 - A30144 CLERMONT",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AF,AFE57-AF 830E-1AC S/N A30145 - A30146 TINTAYA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AG,AFE57-AG 830E-1AC S/N A30147 & A30150 IOCC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AH,"AFE57-AH 830E-1AC S/N A30148, A30149, A30151 - A30154 ZALDIVAR",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AJ,AFE57-AJ 830E-1AC S/N A30155 A.T. MASSEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AK,AFE57-AK 830E-1AC S/N A30156 - A30158 & A30161 PILBARA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AL,AFE57-AL 830E-1AC S/N A30159 & A30160 CCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AM,"AFE57-AM 830E-1AC S/N A30162, A30163, A30165 - A30167, A30170 - A30173 MACARTHUR",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AP,AFE57-AP 830E-AC S/N A30168 & A30169 COLOWYO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AQ,AFE57-AQ 830E-1AC S/N A30174-A30176 & A30183 - A30185 HUNTER VALLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AR,"AFE57-AR 830E-1AC S/N A30177 - A30180, A30188 - A30189 A.T. MASSEY",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AS,"AFE57-AS 830E-1AC S/N A30181, A30199, A30201, A30204 - A30209 MACARTHUR/EDI DOWNER",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AT,"AFE57-AT 830E-1AC S/N A30182, A30186-A30187, A30191-A30193 CARDINAL RIVER / NORTH AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AU,AFE57-AU 830E-1AC S/N A30190 & A30196 CARDINAL RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AV,AFE57-AV 830E-1AC S/N A30194 - A30195 YANDICOOGINA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AW,"AFE57-AW 830E-1AC S/N A30197, A30198 & A30200 WEST ANGELAS / MARANDOO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AX,AFE57-AX 830E-1AC S/N A30202 - A30203 CCI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AY,"AFE57-AY 830E-1AC S/N A30210-A30213, A30219-A30223, A30225-A30226 & A30231-A30234 PILBARA",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-AZ,"AFE57-AZ 830E-1AC S/N A30214, A30215, A30229, A30230 & A30235 CCI",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-B,AFE57-B 830E-AC S/N A30003-A30004 & A30006-A30008 & A30014-A30017 & A30020 CVRD,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BA,"AFE57-BA 830E-1AC S/N A30216 - A30218, A30227 - A30228 MEXICANA DE COBRE",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BB,AFE57-BB 830E-1AC S/N A30224 HUNTER VALLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BC,AFE57-BC 830E-1AC S/N A30236 - A30239 GRANDE CACHE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BD,AFE57-BD 830E-1AC S/N A30240 - A30243 WTS - RIO TINTO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BE,"AFE57-BE 830E-1AC S/N A30249, A30250, A30253, A30255, A30257-A30259, A30261 & A30263 SHENHUA ENERGY",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BF,AFE57-BF 830E-1AC S/N A30244 - A30246 & A30248 GRANDE CACHE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BG,"AFE57-BG 830E-1AC S/N A30247, A30251 & A30252 GENESEE",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BH,"AFE57-BH 830E-1AC S/N A30254, A30256, A30260 & A30264 - A30265 COLOWYO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BJ,AFE57-BJ 830E-1AC S/N A30262 CODELCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BK,AFE57-BK 830E-1AC S/N A30266 - A30268 DRUMMOND,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BL,AFE57-BL 830E-1AC S/N A30269 - A30275 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BM,AFE57-BM 830E-1AC S/N A30276 HOPE DOWNS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BN,AFE57-BN 830E-1AC S/N A30277 CCI - HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BP,AFE57-BP 830E-1AC S/N A30293 - A30297 DEXING COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BQ,"AFE57-BQ 830E-1AC S/N A30282-A30289, A30309-A30311 & A30319-A30322 HINDUSTAN ZINC",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BR,AFE57-BR 830E-1AC S/N A30278 - A30281 FELIX RESOURCES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BS,AFE57-BS 830E-1AC S/N A30290-A30292 & A30308 & A30312 & A30323-A30325 MT. THORLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BT,AFE57-BT 830E-1AC S/N A30298 - A30302 & A30314 - A30318 SHENHUA ENERGY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BU,AFE57-BU 830E-1AC S/N A30303 - A30306 TRAPPER MINE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BW,AFE57-BW 830E-1AC S/N A30307 HOPE DOWNS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BX,"AFE57-BX 830E-1AC S/N A30313, A30336 - A30338 ANGLO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BY,AFE57-BY 830E-1AC S/N A30326 - A30330 DEXING COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-BZ,AFE57-BZ 830E-1AC S/N A30331 - A30333 HINDUSTAN ZINC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-C,"AFE57-C 830E-AC S/N A30005 & A30009-A30010 & A30012-A30013 MINERA HUASCO (CMH) ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CA,AFE57-CA 830E-1AC S/N A30334-A30335 & A30339 & A30345-A30347 HAMERSLEY IRON/BROCKMAN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CB,AFE57-CB 830E-1AC S/N A30340 - A30343 FELIX RESOURCES,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CD,"AFE57-CD 830E-1AC S/N A30348 - A30350, A30358 - A30362 & A30371 - A30373 DAWSON MINE",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CE,"AFE57-CE 830E-1AC S/N A30351 - A30354, A30363 - A30364 & A30374 - A30376 VALE - CARAJAS",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CF,AFE57-CF 830E-1AC S/N A30355 - A30357 BROCKMAN PILBARA & YANDICOOGINA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CG,"AFE57-CG 830E-1AC S/N A30365 - A30370,A30380-A30381 PILBARA & PARABURDOO & HOPE DOWNS",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CH,"AFE57-CH 830E-1AC S/N A30377 - A30379, A30382 - A30383, A30408 - A30412, A30426 - A30430 SHENHUA ENERGY",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CJ,AFE57-CJ 830E-1AC S/N A30388 - A30389 & A30397 - A30401 ANGLO COAL - DAWSON MINE & EMECO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CK,AFE57-CK 830E-1AC S/N A30403 - A30407 TARONG ENERGY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CL,"AFE57-CL 830E-1AC S/N A30390 - A30392, A30439 - A30441 & A30451 COPPER MOUNTAIN",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CM,"AFE57-CM 830E-1AC S/N A30384-A30387,A30393-A30396, A30413-A30417 & A30434-A30438 VALE - CARAJAS MINE",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CN,AFE57-CN 830E-1AC S/N A30402 EMECO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CP,"AFE57-CP 830E-1AC S/N A30418-A30420, A30442-A30444 & A30459-A30460 GRANDE CACHE COAL & TECK CARDINAL RIVER",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CQ,AFE57-CQ 830E-1AC S/N A30421 WYODAK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CR,AFE57-CR 830E-1AC S/N A30422-A30425 & A30446-A30449 & A30473-A30476 & A30478-A30484 & A30488-A30491 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CS,AFE57-CS 830E-1AC S/N A30431 - A30433 & A30450 QUE BRADA BLANCA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CT,"AFE57-CT 830E-1AC S/N A30445, A30454-A30458 & A30464-A30469 BAOGANG STEEL",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CU,AFE57-CU 830E-1AC S/N A30452 - A30453 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CV,AFE57-CV 830E-1AC S/N A30461 - A30463 & A30470 - A30472 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CW,"AFE57-CW 830E-1AC S/N A30477, A30485 - A30487 FELIX RESOURCES",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CX,AFE57-CX 830E-1AC S/N A30505 - A30506 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CY,AFE57-CY 830E-1AC S/N A30492 - A30495 EL SOLDADO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-CZ,AFE57-CZ 830E-1AC S/N A30500 - A30501 MT. THORLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-D,"AFE57-D 830E-AC A30018-A30019 & A30021 & A30023-A30027) TOM PRICE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DA,AFE57-DA 830E-1AC S/N A30496 - A30499 & A30502 ESSAR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DB,AFE57-DB 830E-1AC S/N A30503 - A30504 & A30509 GRANDE CACHE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DC,AFE57-DC 830E-1AC S/N A30507 - A30508 NORTHSHORE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DD,AFE57-DD 830E-1AC S/N A30510 - A30511 QUE BRADA BLANCA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DE,AFE57-DE 830E-1AC S/N A30512 - A30515 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DF,AFE57-DF 830E-1AC S/N A30516 - A30517 MT. THORLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DG,AFE57-DG 830E-1AC S/N A30518 - A30521 ESSAR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DH,AFE57-DH 830E-1AC S/N A30522 GRANDE CACHE COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DJ,AFE57-DJ 830E-1AC S/N A30523 - A30524 YANCOAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DK,AFE57-DK 830E-1AC S/N A30525 DAWSON MINE (ANGLO),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DL,AFE57-DL 830E-1AC S/N A30526 ANGLO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DM,AFE57-DM 830E-1AC S/N A30527 - A30529 & A30544 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DN,AFE57-DN 830E-1AC S/N A30530 - A30532 MT. THORLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DP,AFE57-DP 830E-1AC S/N A30533 - A30534 CCI WABUSH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DQ,AFE57-DQ 830E-1AC S/N A30535 - A30539 EMECO - CLERMONT MINE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DR,AFE57-DR 830E-1AC S/N A30540 - A30541 COAL MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DS,AFE57-DS 830E-1AC S/N A30542 - A30543 COPPER MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DT,AFE57-DT 830E-1AC S/N A30545 - A30546 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DU,AFE57-DU 830E-1AC S/N A30547 - A30549 & A30553 MT. THORLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DV,AFE57-DV 830E-1AC S/N A30550 ESSAR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DW,AFE57-DW 830E-1AC S/N A30552 & A30558 - A30560 COPPER MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DX,AFE57-DX 830E-1AC S/N A30551 ISLA RIESCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DY,AFE57-DY 830E-1AC S/N A30554 - A30557 SHENHUA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-DZ,AFE57-DZ 830E-1AC S/N A30561 - A30562 MT. THORLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-E,"AFE57-E 830E-AC S/N A30022 CCI - WABUSH ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EA,AFE57-EA 830E-1AC S/N A30563 CAP-Cerro Negro Norte,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EC,AFE57-EC 830E-1AC S/N A30565 EDI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ED,AFE57-ED 830E-1AC S/N A30566 - A30568 & A30581 & A30585 EDI,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EE,"AFE57-EE 830E-1AC S/N A30569-A30571, A30582-A30584, A30597-A30599 & A30606 MT. THORLEY",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EF,AFE57-EF 830E-1AC S/N A30572 - A30574 & A30586 VALE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EG,"AFE57-EG 830E-1AC S/N A30575 - A30577, A30588 & A30600 - A30603 BENGALA",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EH,AFE57-EH 830E-1AC S/N A30578 - A30580 & A30607 - A30609 CERRO NEGRO NORTE - CAP,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EJ,"AFE57-EJ 830E-1AC S/N A30587, A30593 & A30615 - A30616 HSE",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EK,AFE57-EK 830E-1AC S/N A30589 CNR WABUSH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EL,"AFE57-EL 830E-1AC S/N A30590-A30592, A30594-A30596 & A30604-A30605 BARRICK BALD MOUNTAIN",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EM,AFE57-EM 830E-1AC S/N A30610 - A30611 ISLA RIESCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EN,AFE57-EN 830E-1AC S/N A30612 - A30614 CNR HIBBING TACONITE & UNITED TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EP,AFE57-EP 830E-1AC S/N A30617 - A30618 VALE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EQ,AFE57-EQ 830E-1AC S/N A30619 - A30623 ISLA RIESCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ER,AFE57-ER 830E-1AC S/N A30624 - A30629 ESSAR,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ES,AFE57-ES 830E-1AC S/N A30630 -A30631 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-ET,AFE57-ET 830E-1AC S/N A30632 - A30633 VALE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EU,AFE57-EU 830E-1AC S/N A30634 EL SOLDADO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EV,"AFE57-EV 830E-1AC S/N A30635, A30641 - A30643 MACARTHER COAL",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EW,AFE57-EW 830E-1AC S/N A30636 DAWSON MINE (ANGLO),Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EX,AFE57-EX 830E-1AC S/N A30637 - A30638 HINDUSTAN ZINC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EY,AFE57-EY 830E-1AC S/N A30639 - A30640 HUNTER VALLEY,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-EZ,AFE57-EZ 830E-1AC S/N A30644 - A30646 & A30649 - A30650 PEACE RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-F,"AFE57-F 830E-AC S/N A30028-A30031 & A30034-A30035 KOMATSU CHILE ",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FA,AFE57-FA 830E-1AC S/N A30647 CNR UNITED TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FB,AFE57-FB 830E-1AC S/N A30648 YANCOAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FC,AFE57-FC 830E-1AC S/N A30651 - A30653 & A30662 - A30664 FOXLEIGH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FD,AFE57-FD 830E-1AC S/N A30654 - A30655 & A30735 BENGALA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FE,"AFE57-FE 830E-1AC S/N A30656, A30666 - A30668 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FF,AFE57-FF 830E-1AC S/N A30657 & A30658 MACARTHER COAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FG,"AFE57-FG 830E-1AC S/N A30659 - A30661, A30681 - A30683 & A30695 - A30697 AREVA",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FH,AFE57-FH 830E-1AC S/N A30665 & A30690 HINDUSTAN ZINC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FJ,"AFE57-FJ 830E-1AC S/N A30669 - A30670, A30718 - A30720, A30769 - A30772, A30785 & A30802 YANCOAL MOOLARBEN",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FK,AFE57-FK 830E-1AC S/N A30671 - A30672 & A30679 - A30680 ISLA RIESCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FL,AFE57-FL 830E-1AC S/N A30673 - A30676 BESALCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FM,"AFE57-FM 830E-1AC S/N A30677 - A30678, A30684 - A30687, A30691 - A30693 & A30709 - A30712 HUNTER VALLEY OPERATIONS",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FN,"AFE57-FN 830E-1AC S/N A30688-A30689, A30698-A30703, A30705-A30708, A30713-A30714, A30728-A30731, A30736-A30737, A30749-A30752, A30756, A30776-A30778, A30788-A30790, A30803, A30805-A30806, A30817, A30834 & A30847 - A30850 BROCKMAN / HOPE DOWNS / PARABURDOO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FP,AFE57-FP 830E-1AC S/N A30694 & A30704 EL SOLDADO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FQ,AFE57-FQ 830E-1AC S/N A30715 - A30717 & A30738 - A30740 NATIONAL PLANT,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FR,AFE57-FR 830E-1AC S/N A30721 - A30722 & A30741 - A30744 YANCOAL YARABEE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FS,AFE57-FS 830E-1AC S/N A30723 - A30726 ISLA RIESCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FT,"AFE57-FT 830E-1AC S/N A30727, A30745 - A30748, A30753 - A30755 & A30759 - A30760 BAOTAU",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FV,"AFE57-FV 830E-1AC S/N A30732 - A30734, A30758 & A30762 - A30763 CLERMONT",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FW,AFE57-FW 830E-1AC S/N A30761 WABUSH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FX,AFE57-FX 830E-1AC S/N A30764 BOWDITCH,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FY,AFE57-FY 830E-1AC S/N A30765 - A30766 NEWMONT MINAS CONGA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-FZ,"AFE57-FZ 830E-1AC S/N A30767 - A30768, A30781 - A30784, A30796 - A30799, A30810, A30812 & A30816 AKT",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-G,AFE57-G 830E-AC S/N A30032 & A30033 CCI - HIBBING TAC & UNITED TAC,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GA,AFE57-GA 830E-1AC S/N A30773 - A30775 & A30786 - A30787 BLOOM LAKE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GB,AFE57-GB 830E-1AC S/N A30780 & A30795 TECK,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GC,AFE57-GC 830E-1AC S/N A30791 - A30793 PEACE RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GD,AFE57-GD 830E-1AC S/N A30779 & A30811 CAPCOAL,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GE,"AFE57-GE 830E-1AC S/N A30794, A30807 - A30809, A30818 - A30821 & A30835 ANGLO-MINAS RIO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GF,"AFE57-GF 830E-1AC S/N A30800 - A30801, A30813 - A30815, A30828 - A30829 & A30843 - A30845 NEWMONT MINAS CONGAS",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GH,AFE57-GH 830E-1AC S/N A30822 - A30823 & A30831 - A30833 KONKOLA COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GJ,AFE57-GJ 830E-1AC S/N A30836 - A30839 YANCOAL YARABEE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GK,AFE57-GK 830E-1AC S/N A30840 - A30841 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GL,AFE57-GL 830E-1AC S/N A30824 - A30827 & A30830 MANTOS BLANCOS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GM,AFE57-GM 830E-1AC S/N A30842 & A30846 BESALCO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GN,AFE57-GN 830E-1AC S/N A40851 A40869 & A40880 CARDINAL RIVER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GP,"AFE57-GP 830E-1AC S/N A40858, A40860 & A40872 HIBBING TACONITE",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GQ,"AFE57-GQ 830E-1AC S/N A40864 - A40866, A40870, A40875 & A40877 NATALKA - POLYUS GOLD",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GR,AFE57-GR 830E-1AC S/N A40867 - A40868 & A40874 KONKOLA COPPER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GS,AFE57-GS 830E-1AC S/N A40878 NORTHSHORE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GT,"AFE57-GT 830E-1AC S/N A40882 - A40883, A40889 & A40893 CNR - WABUSH MINES",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GU,AFE57-GU 830E-1AC S/N A40884 - A40887 & A40895 - A40899 MANTOS BLANCOS,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GV,AFE57-GV 830E-1AC S/N A40890 & A40900 TECK CMO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GW,"AFE57-GW 830E-1AC S/N A40891, A40902 - A40909, A40913 - A40914 & A40921 - A40922 BESALCO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GX,AFE57-GX 830E-1AC S/N A40910 - A40911 BROCKMAN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GY,AFE57-GY 830E-1AC S/N A40912 UNITED TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-GZ,AFE57-GZ 830E-1AC S/N A40915 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-H,AFE57-H 830E-AC S/N A30036 - A30039 YANDICOOGINA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HA,AFE57-HA 830E-1AC S/N A40916 - A40919 KEMMERER,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HB,AFE57-HB 830E-1AC S/N A40920 MINAS RIO,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HC,AFE57-HC 830E-1AC S/N A40923 - A40926 & A40936 - A40937 ORAPA,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HD,AFE57-HD 830E-1AC S/N A40927 UNITED TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HE,AFE57-HE 830E-1AC S/N A40928 - A40929 COPPER MOUNTAIN,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HF,"AFE57-HF 830E-1AC S/N A40930 - A40932, A40934 - A40935 & A40938 MINAS RIO",Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks
AFE57-HG,AFE57-HG 830E-1AC S/N A40933 HIBBING TACONITE,Mining\Rigid Dump Trucks

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