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Thread: BMW WDS Wiring DiagramSystem v12.3 [2009]
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BMW WDS Wiring Diagram  System v12.3 [2009]
Wiring Diagram System for BMW Cars

[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
[Image: zt848n.png]
[Image: nn1wzt.png]
[Image: 11uz1fs.png]
[Image: 332yt1i.png]
[Image: 64fqqp.png]
[Image: nq447n.png]

Region: All regions 
Languages: English 
Version: 12.3
Type: Wiring Diagram System
OS: WinXP, Vista , Windows 7 , WIN8, WIN10
Developer: BMW AG
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD  
Year: 2009

BMW WDS - Wiring Diagram System contains electric circuits for automobiles of firm BMW. The program works with DVD, installation does not demand. The interface of the program Bmw WDS maximum simple and convenient, supports some the European languages. The program Bmw WDS is simply irreplaceable for the car-care centers specializing on car repairs BMW.

The BMW WDS program contains electrical diagrams for BMW cars since 1994.

Bmw WDS Models :
BMW 7, E38 03/94-09/98
BMW 7, E38 ? 09/98
BMW 5, E39 12/95-08/98
BMW 5, E39 ? 08/98
BMW 3, E46
BMW 1, E81, E87
BMW 3, E90, E91, E92, E93
BMW 5, E60, E61
BMW 6, E63, E64
BMW 7, E65, E66, E68
BMW X3, E83
BMW X5, E53
BMW X5, E70
BMW Z4, E85, E86
BMW Z8, E52

WDS BMW Wiring Diagram System
WDS is used to view wiring diagram information. 
WDS is a browser-based application running in Internet Explorer.

WDS contains the following data:
- Wiring Diagrams 
- Pin Assignments 
- Component Locations 
- Connector Views 
- Functional Descriptions
- Measuring Devices
- Desired Values
- Help Texts
- Functional Tests

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